Activities and Things to do in Nelson

Our Favourite Things To Do In and Around Nelson

If you want to experience the best-ever hotspots to dine, play and hang out when you visit Nelson, it makes sense to ask a local.  Or in this case, a whole bunch of locals.  Get ready to dive into the top picks curated by the entire Jens Hansen crew - their favourite cafes, activities, hikes and beaches.  Our insider’s guide ensures you’ll have a fun fabulous time in sunny (well, mostly sunny)  Nelson.  And be sure to stop in at the Jens Hansen studio to say hi - we love making new friends!  

Halfdan -Owner and Creative Director 

Natasha -at Jens Hansen for almost 10 years 

Livia -first year at Jens Hansen 

Jamie -first year at Jens Hansen 

Zane -at Jens Hansen 11 years now 

  • Pupu Springs in Golden Bay - the biggest cold-water spring south of the equator.
  • Smoking Barrel in Motueka on your way to Abel Tasman -best food and donuts! 

Dani -coming up on her first month here at Jens Hansen 

Erin -coming up on 3 years at Jens Hansen 

Rebecca -7 years at Jens Hansen 

  • The Boat House in Nelson from live music on the weekends, to drinks on the deck and the best view in Nelson 

Simon -working at Jens Hansen for 6 years 

Ash -nearly six years at Jens Hansen 

Maddy -working here over a year

  • Mapua Wharf from shops to eats and wine tasting, to jumping off the pier in summer
  • Arden in Nelson for the best meals and drinks 

Joel -working here for a year

  • Deville in Nelson from brunch or late lunch 
  • Whispering Falls in Aniseed Valley -in summer enjoy a dip in the lake as well as the walks around there  

Claire -17 years at Jens Hansen 

  • Jester House -situated in Tasman has a fun art-filled garden and tame eels for the kids to feed.

Valeriya -almost a year here

Ray -33 years working onsite 

  • Nahm on the Waterfront 'Asian with a flare' 
  • Wafu Bistro for Sushi in Nelson 
  • The Boulder Bank – very few in the world and can be seen from some hills throughout the region

We hope you'll enjoy visiting all these fun places in sunny Nelson. Be sure to stop by our shop and let us know which were your favourites!



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