Latest Unsolicited Customer Testimonial - I just had to share it

"Hi Halfdan,


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for my rings. Viggo's ring never looked so good. I much prefer it to the official one. The pictures on your site really do not do this one justice. It really should be added to your online store if legalities with the license permit. If not, then it may remain the best kept secret item a LOTR fan can attain in terms of jewelry. The tweaks I suggested came out great by the way. I received compliments already on it from a few on it's understated elegance. Nice job!


The One ring itself is beautiful. I mean, wow! I never had seen it in person, but I have a few friends that recommended your site to me and told me it was worth it. They were right. It looks great with the chain. It's almost a crime not getting the chain to go along with it. It really is a great piece of jewelry on itself that is often overlooked.


I was without power due to hurricane Wilma affecting South Florida. Receiving my rings brought a smile to my face last week in the aftermath of the storm. It was quite dramatic opening my package in the dark with my flashlight. I almost felt like Gollum inside the cave looking at the ring in the dark. :-)


Nice doing business with you. First class service all the way.


Best regards,



Ft Lauderdale, FL USA"

The Jens Hansen 'Viggo' ring - 18ct yellow & white gold with Biron Emerald

'Viggo', the Chain and the Movie Ring in 18ct Yellow Gold

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