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What order should i wear my engagement and wedding rings in?

An engagement and wedding are both important milestones in life, which over time have both steeped in tradition.

It is traditional for brides to receive two rings, the first is an engagement ring which symbolises a promise of marriage. A wedding ring or commonly referred to as a wedding band is then given during the wedding ceremony, and this band is traditionally known to solidify and strengthen that promise.

engagement wedding ring jens hansen DIF diamondWhere do I wear my wedding and engagement ring? and in what order?

Once you have your engagement ring, you should switch fingers for this before the day of your wedding. This is to make way for your wedding band which will be placed on your ring finger, to sit closest to your heart.

Typically your engagement ring would be moved to your ring finger on your right hand, or alternatively if the fit will allow it, brides to be will move this to their second finger in their ring hand making way for their wedding band.

Once your husband to be places your wedding band on your ring finger, then the engagement ring is typically placed in front of this.

The tradition of wearing your engagement ring and wedding ring on your ring finger, being the third finger on the left (not including your thumb) is known to have originated in Egypt as it was believed the vein in this finger lead directly to the heart. When the ring is placed on this finger, it means that the groom is placing the ring closest to your heart, how romantic!.

Once married, tradition has dictated the engagement ring is then moved back to the ring finger on the left hand, and when doing this leaving the wedding band where your husband has placed it on your hand, closest to your heart.

It all comes down to individual choice in the end, are you wanting to stick with the traditional etiquette when it comes to wearing your engagement and wedding rings? Or instead will you infuse your own style on the custom.

Variations on ring placement include but not limited to

engagement wedding ring jens hansen DIF diamond
  • Wearing your engagement ring on your right hand
  • Keeping your engagement band/ring tucked away for special occasions

There are always extra thing to take in account when it comes to how you wish to wear your rings, are you heavy handed? Is your job accommodating enabling you to wear the rings?

Regardless of which you choose to do, the most important thing is that the ring is comfortable to wear. View our wedding and engagement rings here.

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