A Mid-Year's Day Feast

A Mid-Year's Day Feast

To celebrate the launch of theringmaker.co.nz, the team and I had a Mid-Year's Day Feast!

In the Middle Earth calendar, Mid-Year's Day is a day of festivities, and also Aragorn and Arwen's wedding anniversary - so just the right day for a celebration.

The three-course meal was sponsored by local suppliers, including:
Philippe Butchery and Deli - beautiful baked ham and bacon
L'Artisan - traditional handmade breads - they supplied a ciabatta that made normal humans look like hobbits, the biggest loaf we'd ever seen!
Founders Organic Brewery - pints of Long Black
Middle Earth Wine - bottles of pinot noir
Addmore - Elderflower beverages - Elderflower juice
Pete's Natural Lemonade

It was a feast fit for a hobbit - here's the proof!

The team celebrating

Bread from L'Artisan, stuffed peppers and olives, meat from Phillipe Deli
Lembas Bread

Bread from L'Artisan, Ham from Philippe Deli

Thanks again to all our sponsors - the team had a wonderful day.

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