Sapphires in September

September 2010
Sapphires in September

Sapphires are the birthstone for people born in September. As one of the hardest wearing gemstones, they are great for everyday wear - and make the perfect gift for the practical Virgo.

The ancient Persians believed the earth rested on a giant sapphire and that its reflection was what made the sky blue.

But actually, sapphires are not just blue, they can also be found in many different shades, including pinks, yellows, oranges, peach and violet colours. The only colour it is not found in is red, because this would be a ruby, however both stones are derived from the same mineral (corundum).

At Jens Hansen we have available a stunning selection of sapphires in a wide range of colours, a few of which are pictured opposite.

Nelson Arts Festival - Peso Medio (The Magic of the Tango)

Jens Hansen are again proud Nelson Arts Festival 2010 sponsors, helping bring the highly acclaimed Tango dance group ladoDiego to Nelson to perform their latest show - Peso Medio.

We recommend you book tickets in advance for the October shows - you don't want to miss out on what's set to be an unforgettable Tango experience!

Workshop opening hours

Monday to Friday 9am -5pm
Saturday 9am - 2pm

If you would like to make an appointment outside of these hours, please feel free to contact us.
Ceylonese blue sapphire ring
pink sapphire and ruby encrusted ring
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