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Titanium vs tungsten wedding bands for men

Tungsten wedding bands for men vs titanium.

The tungsten vs titanium debate can get quite heated but the most important thing any man must know is that neither metal is a good choice for a wedding band!


Tungsten & Titanium Rings: Cheap & Just about Impossible to Work On

The size of your hands and fingers will change over your life time and the life of your wedding rings. Tungsten and titanium rings are impossible and almost impossible respectively to work with after they have been machined in the factory. The chance of finding anyone near you who can work with them is negligible.


Gold & Platinum Rings Can be Adjusted and Sized

Gold and platinum can be sized and repaired by craftsmen the world over. A few years from now, when you’re a few years older, and your finger is a few sizes larger, you’ll still be able to size up your gold or platinum ring.

Finger sizes naturally change over time. Our knuckles continue to grow even if the rest of us does not.  And in the case of weight loss you may need to size your rings down. 


Gold and Platinum: Time Honoured Metals; as Precious as your Love

Gold and platinum are the traditional wedding ring materials for a reason.  Unlike titanium and tungsten, they’re inherently valuable metals today and have been valued for thousands of years by every civilization on the planet.


Gold and Platinum Feel Substantial and Heavy - More precious

Gold and platinum are naturally heavy, especially platinum! Compared to titanium - 'a lightweight' - gold and platinum feel substantial and more precious.


Your Wedding Rings!

Your wedding band are the most important rings you’ll ever have.  All rings are highly personal and represent the wearer.  Get a metal that represents true value and lasting love. 


Get a Good Wedding Band that's worth something and that will last for life!

Don’t Buy Titanium and Tungsten Bands for your wedding and risk having to throw them away if they need sizing. Get platinum, gold or even palladium.  Leave tungsten or titanium for the gym or outdoor activities.  For the ring that represents your vows and your love don’t go cheap and temporary.

Halfdan Hansen
Halfdan Hansen


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