Film Ring Replica Goes to US City

Film Ring Replica Goes to US City

Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith, Creators & Designers of the One Ring for the LOTR movies are pleased to announce the gifting of one of the first of a limited edition set of replicas to an American city.

A group led by Paul Matheson, Mayor of Nelson, New Zealand visited the city of Eureka in California on the weekend to formalise a sister city arrangement between the two cities. As part of the exchanging of gifts Mayor Matheson presented #2 of a limited edition of 100 replicas of Sauron's gauntlet ring. The ring is measures almost 2 inches in diameter, and is made of close to 3 oz. of sterling silver & richly plated in 18ct gold.

The Nelson region in the South Island of New Zealand was home to sets for the filming of Chetwood Forest, Rivendell and the Dimrill Dale exit from the Mines of Moria.

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