SHREK 2 parodies The One Ring and The Lord of the Rings

Shrek 2, the new movie from NZ Director Andrew Adamson, is a delightful romp of a film which gleefully spoofs many pop culture icons. In the opening scenes Shrek has a gold ring made for wife Fiona where it goes up in the air and falls on her finger and then magically reveals the inscription 'I Love You'.

We should have been able to predict it I guess, but within days of the movies release we have already had requests for a Jens Hansen version of the I Love You ring. Since they appear to have copied our ring shape design I trust the good folks of Shrek won't mind us engraving those 3 simple words on our ring....?!

The 'I Love You' ring as shown in the Official
web-released First 5 Minutes Shrek 2 trailer

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