Big order rings the changes

05 April 2006

HANDFUL: Halfdan Hansen with four platinum rings and a 24 carat gold replica of Sauron's ring, from Lord of the Rings.

Halfdan Hansen's first reaction to an American's request for a platinum ring for each finger of one hand was, "Is this guy for real?"

His second thought was "How big is this guy?"

Mr Hansen, manager of Nelson's Jens Hansen jewellers, said the order came from an American he could not identify but described as a friend of Liv Tyler, who played elf princess Arwen in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The man, whom Mr Hansen said was not a big fan of the movies, had bought a platinum thumb-ring two years ago and liked it so much he wanted four more, one for each finger. "He said he just loved the shape and curve of the ring," Mr Hansen said.

"He's a very big man as you can see," Mr Hansen said, with the rings dangling loosely on his fingers as he showed them off. The man also ordered a replica of the One Ring, which featured in The Lord of the Rings. Only 100 of those rings were made, all in 18-carat gold-plated silver.

However Mr Hansen said the American buyer had insisted his be made in 24-carat gold.

Mr Hansen said it was the shop's biggest ever non-diamond sale to an individual.

The 24-carat gold ring weighed 140g with a 50mm outside diameter and was so soft it would dent if it was dropped. He said the order was the most unusual he'd ever had.

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