A Proud Moment

Here is a great photograph which appeared in the National Business Review magazine. It was taken by Trevor Coppock, a freelancer photographer, in Auckland, New Zealand on the day I made my recent Breakfast TV appearance to showcase some just commissioned trophies from the Jens Hansen Contemporary Gold & Silversmith workshop. Trevor was fantastic and had an amazing story to share - as a child growing up in Oxford, England he was a next door neighbour of The Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien. It was only when he was much older that he realised how famous the 'gentleman from next door' was!

Halfdan Hansen with Rebel Sport Super 14, and
Telecom Virtual Rugby Trophies and a replica of
a 6" diameter ring we made for Peter Jackson's
Lord of the Rings movies.

Photo Copyright, Trevor Coppock - tcpixonline.com

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