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Nelson, New Zealand - January 17, 2005 -
Jens Hansen, Contemporary Jeweller, is proud to confirm its participation as ring makers to the 'Lord of the Bling'.

The Lord of the Bling trilogy is the first full-length parody of Peter Jackson's 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy, with each of the three instalments coming to around 2 hours in length (with the exception of the third film which will be nearly 3 hours long). Jens Hansen will create replicas of its designs for The One Ring and Vilya, Ring of Power as originally featured in the original Peter Jackson movies. Written, directed and produced by Kyle Pedley, and the key project of the UK's Trinity Road Productions, a voluntary film making group based near Birmingham, England, (not very far at all from where Professor Tolkien himself lived) the new film nevertheless spans internationally in regards to its crew.

The trilogy itself is still in its pre-production stages, with production hoping to begin in Summer 2005. being filmed in numerous locations throughout England.

Already the pre-production work (which included rough versions of the films to test out the gags, humour, script etc), has received a lot of attention, including newspaper articles, letters from Wingnut Films, and even an invite to the London premier of the Return of the King.

If you would like more information about the project, sign up to the yahoo group for the project at


Or for information about the project and even about getting involved with the films contact Kyle Pedley, Writer, Director, Producer and Star of the trilogy at Kyle2k395855630@aol.com

Since 1968 the Jens Hansen Gold and Silversmith workshop in Nelson, New Zealand has been making jewellery of uncompromising beauty. Rings, bracelets, pendants, brooches and silverware that offer pure lines and sculptural elegance have become the trademarks of the Jens Hansen workshop.

All the jewellery is handmade, original, precious and crafted 'to be worn', including unique new and classic designs of wedding rings from Jens Hansen. This simple philosophy rewards us with creative pieces that we all can embrace, afford and love. This simple philosophy was also the reason Peter Jackson asked Jens Hansen to design and make the ring depicted on screen as The One Ring for his film version of J. R. R. Tolkien's famous The Lord of the Rings books.


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