Nine Year Old 'Rings' Fan writes us from Australia

Thorkild & I were delighted to receive this short note from perhaps our youngest client so far!

Halfdan Hansen
Jens Hansen - Gold & Silversmith

Dear Thorkild,

Hello, my name is Lachlan Power and I am 9 years old.

Thank you for my 'One Ring' it is beautiful.

I got it from my Ma (grandmother) as a present when she went on a holiday to New Zealand.

My dad is really jealous and wishes that he had the ring instead of me.

Thank you for making the ring for me as I am a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

It is one of my favourite presents that I have ever received.

My Ma said that I needed to write to you once I have received the ring so I have asked my mum to send this email.

Thank you again for my ring.

From Lachlan in Australia.
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