Why proposing with a loose diamond could work for you

Why proposing with a loose diamond could work for you...

proposing with a loose diamond

Are you thinking about proposing to your special other, but are unsure about what she would consider to be the perfect engagement ring?

At Jens Hansen we have many customers who choose to propose with a loose diamond and here are some of the reasons why:

• You can still propose to your wife-to-be with a gorgeous gift
• You can then choose a setting together, which is an important factor for most women
• You can decide on the perfect ring style that suits both of your personal tastes
• We can work with you to design your own ring from scratch
You decide your diamond budget

Email us now to discuss your plans at studio@jenshansen.com or feel free to pop into our Nelson workshop and view our stock of loose diamonds, as we have access to New Zealand's best diamonds.

For more information about choosing the right diamond, please read the article below by Halfdan Hansen, as featured in The Nelson Mail.

Designing the Right Ring

Selecting an engagement and wedding ring takes time and thought. Your local goldsmith understands the emotional significance of your rings, and can work closely with you through the process.

In years to come, he or she will also remember your rings intimately. This is invaluable when size changes are necessary, for example before and after pregnancy, or in case of more major alterations or remodeling.

It may be less expensive to buy from an off-the-shelf retailer, but you'll forgo the opportunity to know your ringmaker personally and it can literally be worth its weight in gold knowing you always have an expert craftsperson standing behind the lifelong quality of your rings.

So, you need to decide how much you can afford. One to two months salary is the common convention for a diamond engagement ring and a pair of wedding bands is typically half that.

Now, armed with a budget, you are now ready to begin the design process.

Precious metals

The precious metal you choose needs to suit your skin, wardrobe, and the other jewellery you wear. Should it be yellow, white or rose gold, or platinum or palladium? For example, if your favorite fashion pieces are silver, then white gold or platinum will complement your existing collection.

Just watch out for some pitfalls of various metals. For example, did you know that....

Despite popular myths, 18 carat gold is more durable than 9 carat.

The extreme hardness of fashionable tungsten and titanium means they cannot be easily altered.

Unlike platinum, most commercially available white gold is covered with a thin plating of rhodium, which must be reapplied every few years.


Like precious metals, there are many choices of stones your jeweller can show you. Diamonds have a variety of colours and qualities, while sapphires and other birthstones are also popular. Your choice of precious metal will also impact on the choice of stone - the subtle colour differences of metal and stone can change the look of your ring dramatically.

Styles and settings

As engagement and wedding rings are worn everyday, their style should suit your hand, look good, and be pieces you won't tire of in a couple years.

If you would like to match your wedding and engagement rings it is wise to design both at the same time, to make sure they fit together perfectly. Depending on your engagement ring, the most popular wedding band styles are stylish and timeless traditional plain bands; patterned bands created from grooves, special edging, hammer or satin finishes; and two tone bands that suit either gold or silver jewellery.

But whatever your ring preferences, having your rings custom-made gives you the assurance that they will fit you perfectly and will, like your marriage , stand the test of time.

By Halfdan Hansen

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