Team Jens Hansen Profile - Amanda Wearing

Team Jens Hansen Profile - Amanda Wearing

Since the day she started in October 2011, Amanda has had a finger in every pie at Jens Hansen.  That's a good thing; we love being under her watchful eye!

Not only is she organised, she is quite creative, and once worked as an illustrator for an Australian educational website. She did a brilliant illustration of Halfdan and his moustache for his birthday card this year! Having a design bent means she appreciates the Jens Hansen style.  When asked what her favourite piece of Jens Hansen jewellery is she says either the Sydney Fin ring or the Mobius Twist Bangle.   She also loves the work Jens Hansen did for Franck, an Operations Manager for Cirque de Soliel. The workshop team designed two key pendants for him and his partner, based on eclectic work of Spain’s Gaudi. Pairing real keys with precious palladium, white and yellow golds it was unique, and very beautiful.

Meanwhile, Amanda hangs out for the snowboarding season, and is going to the gym to keep fit and ready. She also loves to hang out with her dog Nico, who is not such a great fan of snow.

She used to be a table tennis gun as a kid, but now she just can’t get on the Jens Hansen table! Come on guys, give a girl a go!!

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